We can GROW your teams to grow your business

Whether it’s a short one day course or a longer development programme, our training and coaching interventions follow the GROW framework to ensure delegates can establish:

  • Their challenges and successes
  • What they want to have happen
  • What they have done already which may or may not be working
  • Barriers to success
  • Options available
  • What can be done realistically within timescale
  • How this meets their needs, beliefs and values
  • What actions will be taken
  • The motivation to start and continue
  • Aspirations
  • Goals & Achievements
  • Challenges and Successes
  • Want to happen
  • Not want to happen
  • Review skills & capabilities
  • What is and is not working
  • Reflect on learning
  • Revitalise interest
  • Objectives
  • Observations
  • Choices
  • Beliefs & Values
  • Needs
Way Forward
  • Actions
  • Motivations
  • Realistic Steps
  • Blocks and Barriers
  • Measuring Success