Quality training and coaching interventions to grow and develop your teams.

Noble Learning is a micro company with a network of highly skilled and capable facilitators, coaches and consultants to support you with your management, leadership and coaching needs. We use a diverse range of thought-provoking models, theories, exercises and activities with influences from NLP, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, neuroscience and Accelerated Learning.

Our courses and interventions are energised and focused linking management, leadership and coaching theory to practical and relevant workplace situations.

What’s in it for you?

  • Confident and capable managers
  • Emotionally intelligent teams
  • Significant improvements in working relationships
  • A motivated workforce
  • Teams that perform and communicate well together
  • Refreshing and positive outcomes
  • Value-added training and coaching interventions

We believe that

  • Management development can be both high quality and cost effective
  • Change happens when people become consciously aware of themselves and their behaviours
  • Self-awareness enables choice and responsibility in making the change happen without blame or guilt
  • Managers can be more efficient and effective by having a range of practical tools and techniques at their use
  • Investing in your managers will lead to high performing, mature and motivating teams