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How to avoid ethical dilemmas in organisational coaching

  Ethics, boundaries, behaviours and attitude have an important place in organisational strategic coaching. Ethical practice refers to the standards of professional conduct which a coach is expected to uphold. Ethical maturity at a strategic level is essential and is defined as ‘the increasing capacity to embrace ethical complexity and deal with appropriate respect and […]


Coaching Supervision? What’s all the fuss about?

‘At the core of continual professional development is continual personal development where our own development is weaved through every aspect of our practice’. (CMOC, Hawkins, P & Smith, N 2006). Coaching Supervision has emerged over the past few years as being an absolute essential aspect of being a professional coach. Counsellors and Psychotherapists, as regulated professionals, […]


Being a Supervisee – Preparing for Coaching Supervision

Now, you would think that preparing for your coaching supervision session was pretty obvious. You just make the call to your supervisor and see what happens, after all, it’s the coaching supervisor’s responsibility to make sure the session goes well… right?… well, partly. Your supervisor does have a responsibility to ensure that you are guided […]