Management coaching and training

We offer coaching and mentoring skills courses using qualified and experienced trainers and coaches to provide you with practical and powerful tools and techniques to enable you to get the most from your teams and to encourage decision making skills and independent thinking.

Coaching is a person-centred approach with a proven track record of improving performance, communication and confidence through the use of incisive questioning techniques and the development of positive mindsets.

Mentoring offers the opportunity for you to share your skills and knowledge, be a role model and to help build improved motivation and ownership.

Management coaching and mentoring is when these skills are used as part of a wider spectrum of management styles and approaches. Coaching is successful in developing independent thinking in others and so relieves the pressure and expectation on managers to provide all the answers. Mentoring comes into play when a directive style of management is more appropriate.

These courses can range from a one-day Introduction to coaching and mentoring through to an intensive 5-day accredited programme.

The achievable benefits of providing this training is to develop you in:

  • Having a clear understanding of what coaching and mentoring is and how coaching fits within the wider context of management styles
  • Having a set of tools and techniques to coach and mentor others with confidence
  • Acquiring mastery in coaching and mentoring through guided practice sessions
  • Using a range of tools and techniques for dealing with a range of situations
  • Working with models of coaching and mentoring to take away and use immediately
  • Coaching and Mentoring individuals to maximise the potential in others
  • Knowing how to structure and plan a coaching and mentoring session
  • Accelerating confidence and competence through a coaching and mentoring style
  • Helping others to identify how to create ownership and engagement of learning
  • Planning and organising workplace coaching and mentoring sessions