Coaching Supervision is a formal and protected time for facilitating in-depth reflection for the coach (supervisee) to discuss your work with someone who is experienced as a coach and qualified in coaching supervision.

Coaching supervision offers a confidential framework within a collaborative working relationship. As a coach you will grow in ethical competency, confidence and creativity. Supervision is not a policing role. It is a trusting and collegial professional relationship.

What can you expect from Sue Noble as your Coaching Supervisor?

  • Experience and guidance
  • Challenge and support
  • A listening ear and reflective space
  • Tools and techniques for further development
  • Guidance on ethics and boundaries
  • A wider network from a Coaching Supervision Community

Sue qualified with CSA as a Coaching Supervisor in 2014 and she believes that her learning has greatly improved her coaching practice and has confirmed the importance of regular supervision for professional and internal (organisation) coaches to maintain standards, ethics and boundaries and as continual professional development.

Sue draws on her many years experience of coaching people at all levels of business from senior executives through to junior managers as well as training people to be effective coach and mentors.

As coaching supervisor Sue will work with you to help you to:

  • step back from your coaching challenge
  • reflect and evaluate your issue or concern from a different perspective with the aim of finding new insights and understanding, without shame or judgement
  • own the agenda and the level of challenge for that particular session

Contact Sue to find out how to book your coaching supervision session.

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