Coaching is a person-centred approach with a proven track record of improving performance, communication and confidence through the use of incisive questioning techniques and the development of positive mind sets.

We have a team of experienced and accredited coach partners who will work closely with you to help you find solutions to specific problems, issues and challenges which may be preventing you or your managers from achieving goals.

Successful coaching requires a co-active, collaborative approach between coachee and coach and requires the coachee to step outside of their comfort zone at times to enable change to happen.

What to expect from executive coaching

Coaching has many benefits and applications. One of which is in the development of self awareness and your impact on others, how you perform and how you build trusting relationships. Our coaches are all highly skilled, experienced and qualified and use a range of tools and techniques with influences drawn from NLP, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence and other psychological theories. The coach will work closely with you to decide the best techniques and styles of coaching to achieve a successful outcome.


We can offer you a variety of coaching interventions and packages depending on your needs, challenges and goals. Each session is scheduled at the needs of the individually but usually at  4 – 6 weekly intervals.

Option A: 2 hour coaching session with one individual at intervals to be agreed between the coach and the coachee on an ad- hoc basis.

Option B: 1.5 hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions with two individuals carried out within one morning or one afternoon on the same day.

Option C: 1.5 hour 1-2-1 coaching sessions with three or four individuals carried out on the same day with scheduled time slots throughout the day.

We recommend 6 coaching sessions over a 9 – 12 month period consisting of 4 face to face sessions and 2 telephone sessions.

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