• Bite-Size Learning is aimed at busy people who are looking to refresh or learn new skills. This training is particularly useful for teams or individuals who are going through change and uncertainty and where people may be acting out of character due to challenges currently faced at work and closer to home.

    Each session is:

    • 90 minutes long
    • Live zoom or equivalent training session using video and audio
    • Maximum of 8 people per session

     The aim of these modules is to: 

    • Raise awareness and understanding of Transactional Analysis theory and models
    • Raise awareness of the subconscious thoughts and feelings which create problems at work
    • Explore skills, tools and techniques to manage a range of potentially challenging situations
    • Learn new, or refresh existing skills in the use of psychological tools and techniques.

    Individuals can choose from one or more of the four modules they would like to attend.

    Who should attend?

    • Team managers, leaders and team members interested in understanding the psychology of conflict
    • Anyone interested in learning more about Transactional Analysis

    Each module has been explained in the following pages in terms of what you will gain and learn from each session and the course content.


    Module 1: Emotional Intelligence, understanding self and others

    Module 2: Parent, Adult, Child dynamic and the ‘games people play’ during conflict.

    Module 3: The Drama Triangle and Empowerment Dynamic – empowering self and others to move forward with conflict.

    Module 4: Stress Drivers and Working Styles – exploring our past scripts and internal messages.