• This two day course offers practical and meaningful techniques in how to use a coaching and mentoring style and approach with teams and individuals as part of a spectrum of management techniques. Learners will gain confidence and credibility as a manager, will learn person-centred communication techniques and can learn how to use coaching in many workplace situations including:

    • Regular catch-ups and one to one conversations
    • Well-being conversations
    • Development conversations
    • Performance reviews
    • Challenging conversations
    • Delegation
    • Giving judgment-free feedback
    • Appraisal discussions

    Learners will gain a rounded and practical experience of what coaching and mentoring is and how to embed these valuable skills within the varied roles and responsibilities of a team leader.

    On completion of this course learners will:

    • Know what coaching and mentoring is and is not
    • Know where coaching and mentoring applies within the wider spectrum of management and leadership
    • How to use the skills of coaching and mentoring seamlessly
    • Learn and practice using the 70 / 30 rule of coaching and mentoring
    • Know how to use a coaching and mentoring style in a number of workplace challenging situations and conversations
    • Learn how to structure and ‘contract’ a coaching conversation.

    Programme structure:

    • 2 days of blended learning
    • 2-month programme (1 training day per month)

    Added value

    For a small additional fee and by increasing the course to 3 training days, this course can be accredited through The Institute of Leadership and Management