• The aim of this one day course is to raise awareness and understanding of what mentoring is and to explore the skills and techniques to support another person with their career and professional development.

    On completion of this course learners will know:

    • How to get the most from the mentoring relationship
    • How to structure and contract a mentoring programme and session
    • What to do and say in challenging situations
    • How to encourage the mentee to take responsibility for their learning


    Course Content:

    • What mentoring is and is not
    • The benefits of mentoring for a mentor, mentee and organisation
    • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations of a mentor and mentee
    • Managing expectations from mentor and mentee perspective
    • Essential mentoring Skills
    • Stages of the mentoring relationship
    • Structuring and contracting your mentoring sessions
    • Mentor skills practice
    • Action plan.

    A half-day review of learning is highly recommended following the mentors first mentoring session.