• The traditional concept of Mentoring is being turned on its head. The aim of this one-day course is to raise awareness and understanding of what reverse mentoring is, what the benefits are, and the skills and techniques to support a seasoned employee with learning and understanding new technologies, the internet, and social media.

    Who will benefit:

    • Graduates
    • Interns
    • Younger tech-savvy employees
    • Senior and seasoned executives

    By the end of the mentoring training course, delegates will be able to…

    • Appreciate the benefits of reverse mentoring
    • Understand the role and practice the skills of an effective mentor
    • Demonstrate the difference between a coach and a mentor
    • Build rapport and create a development environment
    • Avoid barriers to being mentored
    • Know how to give appropriate feedback
    • Use effective questioning
    • Practice reflective listening.

    Course Content

    • What mentoring, coaching and reverse mentoring is and is not
    • The benefits of reverse mentoring for a mentor, mentee and organisation
    • Roles, responsibilities, and expectations of a mentor and mentee
    • Essential Mentoring Skills
    • Structuring and Agreeing your mentoring sessions
    • Mentor skills practice
    • Action plan