• Overview

    There is a growing demand for flexible and targeted internal coaching which does not replace, but works alongside external coaching to support employees with specific development needs, challenges, change, uncertainty and working relationship issues. Internal coaches can support a range of organisational objectives and is often aligned with:

    • Management development programmes to support learners in achieving an accreditation
    • Supporting people in transitioning from one role to another
    • Supporting women returning from maternity leave
    • Restructure and change and working with individuals to help them manage uncertainty
    • A reflective space where an employee can talk to someone other than their manager

    Learners will typically be

    Programme outline

    On completion of this qualification course learners will

    Programme structure

      • 5 days of blended learning
      • 3 x half day group coaching supervision sessions
      • 2 x 1 hour private coach supervision sessions per person
      • 18 hours of verified formal coaching practice
      • 20 – 40 week programme depending on formal coaching timescale being completed
      • Self-managed co-coaching practice with fellow learners
      • 3 x half day tutorials (virtual live sessions)
      • 3 written assignments of 3000 words each
      • Half day review, reflect and further development