• Overview

    Action Learning is a powerful way for individuals to learn from each other. Working collaboratively with a group of no more than eight people who meet up regularly, the group support each other to work through workplace problems and challenges. Using a coaching and mentoring style the group learn from each other and bring fresh insight into the discussion. When working well, these sessions can produce amazing results and a long-lasting supportive network that can last for many years. These sessions are often self-facilitated and require the strength and maturity of the group to make sure the sessions are goal-focused and is not used as a means to express frustrations with no successful outcome in mind.

    This training is aimed at anyone who is either:

    • Part of an existing Action Learning group and would like the whole group to learn how to improve and refine their Action Learning Sets
    • Has responsibility for facilitating an action learning group and looking for tools and techniques to improve skills and understanding
    • Would like to learn more about Action Learning and facilitating a group in the future

    Programme outline

    On completion of this endorsed course learners will

    Programme Structure

      • One day of blended learning training and practice
      • Optional and recommended half day review following an action learning set