• Noble Learning are experts in:

    • Coaching and Mentoring skills
    • People management skills
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Action Learning
    • Coaching and mentoring supervision

    We provide a range of virtual and blended learning to support teams. The following are indicative and not exhaustive and include:

    Indicative Courses

    Essential People Management Skills – modular programme

    Aimed at

    Benefits for the organisation

    Benefits of Modular Programmes

    Overall learning benefits for team leaders are

    Module 1: Understanding Management and Leadership

    Module 2: Manager as Coach-Mentor

    Module 3: Who you are is how you manage. Exploring personality types and impact on others

    Module 4: Engaging and Motivation the Team

    Module 5: Giving constructive feedback

    Module 6: Delegating with confidence and structure

    Module 7: Assertive skills for confidence and credibility

    Module 8: Managing conflict and difficult conversations