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    Profiling tools offer the opportunity to discover who we are and how we operate using colour-coded and structured models and tools. These tools can be a useful and powerful addition to your other accreditations and qualifications and can help people to make the most from their working (and personal) relationships.

    Noble Learning offers two alternative profiles to consider:

    • Strengthscope: Measures 7 out of 24 outstanding strengths and how these strengths potentially work for and against you based on four clusters of Emotional, Relational, Thinking and Execution and specifically what energises you at work for peak performance and what gets in the way.
    • Emergenetics: Measures the way people think, behave, make decisions and communicate with others based on brain science and includes four Thinking preferences (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual) along with three Behavioural preferences (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility).

    We can learn a lot about ourselves and from others, improve team collaboration and decision making by using one or both of these tools. Take a look at the links above and contact us to find out how to make these work for you.