• Emergenetics is a scientifically reliable psychometric tool that measures the way people think and behave separately. Understanding someone’s thinking and behavioural  preferences is an incredibly powerful insight for managers, leaders and anyone working within a change environment because it reveals how people make decisions, manage challenging situations and communicate their thoughts and feelings.

    Emergenetics is based on Seven Attributes that can be separately identified and scientifically quantified for each individual.

    The four Thinking Attributes are:

    • Analytical
    • Structural
    • Social
    • Conceptual

    The three Behavioural Attributes are:

    • Expressiveness
    • Assertiveness
    • Flexibility

    Our profiles can be made up of any combination of Thinking and Behavioural preferences, expressing our uniqueness and individual strengths.  Each Thinking Attribute is represented by a colour displayed as a pie chart and a percentage for each of the attributes depending on the questionnaire results. The Behavioural Attributes are represented by a percentile spectrum. We always start by looking at Behaviours, simply because we usually notice someone’s behaviour before we get to know their thinking preference.

    Sue Noble is Certified Practitioner for Emergenetics and can provide more information on how you can tap into your own Thinking and Behavioural preferences by completing a fuss-free on-line assessment. This is followed up with a virtual 121 coaching and feedback session.