• The benefits of a Strengths Based Approach

    There is compelling evidence that a strengths-based approach to working is much more effective than a culture of focusing on weakness. This is not just about looking at the positives and ignoring weaknesses, it also looks at the overuse of these strengths and how these can lead to performance risks.

    Completing a Strengthscope® profile helps build an understanding of:

    • The 7 ‘standout strengths’ from 24 work-based strengths and how these are optimised
    • What energises people at work which can lead to motivation and high performance
    • Strengths in ‘overdrive’ and when this can lead to a performance risk
    • How to productively apply these strengths at work
    • The visibility and impact of strengths on co-workers and stakeholders
    • Feedback from highlighting strengths for maximum contribution

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