The benefits of a Strengths Based Approach

There is compelling evidence that a strengths based approach to working is much more effective than a culture of focusing on weaknesses. This is not just about looking at the positives and ignoring weaknesses, it also looks at overuse of these strengths and how these can lead to performance risks.

Completing a Strengthscope® profile helps people to understand:

  • Their 7 ‘standout strengths’ from 24 work-based strengths and how these are optimised
  • What energises you at work which leads to motivation and high performance
  • Strengths in ‘overdrive’ and when this can lead to a performance risk
  • How to productively apply these strengths at work
  • The visibility and impact of strengths on co-workers and stakeholders
  • Feedback on how others would like to see you using your strengths for maximum contribution

Noble Learning offer you the full range of Strengthscope® tools providing a comprehensive measurement of individual and team strengths at work.


Strenthscope® system includes a series of modules:

  • Individual ‘self-rater’ report on 24 work related strengths and how these relate to your performance
  • 360º ‘multi-rater’ profiler inviting feedback from colleagues and stakeholders
  • Team report profiling the strengths, risks and performance-related behaviours of a team
  • Leadership report profiling the strengths, performance risks and effective leadership behaviours, follower confidence index and feedback from colleagues and stakeholder

This profiling tool enables the team leader and the team to:

  • Build high energy, peak performing agile teams
  • Understand the strengths each individual team member brings
  • Demonstrate to the team how to use these in complementary ways
  • Apply team habits (productive behaviours) and translating these strengths into lasting success and change readiness


This is a unique leadership profiler designed to help you improve your effectiveness through a better understanding of your leadership strengths, risks /weaker areas, leadership behaviours and the impact of your behaviour on important organisational outcomes.

This powerful and positive 360º leadership profiler providing leaders with analysis of:

  • Unique strengths and how these can be optimised
  • Performance risks and the impact these have on work performance
  • Effectiveness across critical behaviours / habits essential to leadership effectiveness
  • Impact on key outcomes and performance drivers

StrengthscopeLeader™ analyses four leadership habits:

  • Sharing Vision
  • Sparking Engagement
  • Skilful Executing
  • Sustaining Progress

By building on strengths and optimising leadership habits, leaders deliver the following four critical outcomes and success drivers:

  • Purpose – clearly understood, compelling direction and goals
  • Passion – a positive, highly motivated work environment
  • Process – well communicated and straightforward policies and processes to guide behaviours
  • Performance – reliable delivery of planned business results