Pricing & Team Coaching Interventions

We offer the full range of Strengthscope tools and team coaching interventions to help you assess the strengths of individuals and the whole team.

Strengthscope® profile for individuals wishing to gain a greater understanding of what energises them at work and their strengths in overdrive.

Strengthscope360® profile for individuals wishing to gain valuable feedback from their colleagues and stakeholders on what they would like to see more of in terms of your strengths.

StrengthscopeTeam® profile for whole teams who wish to gain a better understanding of how each member of the team can learn and share from each others’ strengths and how to avoid performance risks as a team.

Individual team members will need to have completed Strengthscope® profile before this report is generated. The results from each team member are then collated into one report.
StrengthscopeLeader™ specifically aimed at senior managers, executives and leaders wishing to gain valuable insight into leadership strengths, impact on behaviours and valuable feedback from stakeholders.

Team Coaching Interventions – We recommend that if you choose the StrengthscopeTeam® profile that this is followed up with a half or full day team coaching session where the results are shared with the team and the full benefits of the Strengthscope profiling results can be maximised. These sessions will include a range of informative, energised and thought provoking activities to look at ways in which the team can work together collaboratively and move towards (or remain) in high performing.

One to One Feedback Coaching – The reports generated from the individual and 360 profilers are comprehensive and informative however to ensure you understand the various levels of learning which can be gained from these reports we recommend that you invest in a one hour coaching session with an accredited Strengthscope® Practitioner to enable you to get the best from the tool and from yourself.

See our StrengthScope® brochure for prices