Most of our clients prefer to bespoke and tailor the training courses we design for them.  However, the following gives you an idea for some of the courses we provide. Our training and coaching partners also have a wealth of experience in other subject areas. Contact us for more details or if you require something which is not on this list.

Management & Leadership Essentials

A three – six day course delivered one day per month. This interactive course is aimed at managers looking to get the most from themselves and from their teams. The three to six separate modules focuses on Understanding management and leadership; Management Coaching Skills, Developing communication skills for improved performance and motivation; Building and maintaining high performing and effective teams.

For accredited management programmes, take a look at our  CMI Level 4 and Level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership.

Management & Leadership Coaching Skills

A one-day intensive and interactive course focused at managers and leaders at all levels looking to understand the what, how and why of management coaching. Practical activities will take place throughout the day to help embed the learning which can be used immediately back in the workplace. A half-day follow-up session is recommended 6 weeks later to review success and challenges and further enhance learning and development of skills.

For accredited Coaching programmes take a closer look at our CMI section.

Coaching Conversations

A two-day course which demonstrates the value that coaching skills can bring to any conversation and to equip managers and leaders with the skills and confidence to use these skills in everyday work life situations. Day 1 will focus on what coaching is, developing and practising powerful coaching skills. Between day 1 and day 2 delegates will be practising the skills in as many situations as possible for review on day 2 which is 4 – 6 weeks later. Day 2 will include further models and techniques on influencing and giving feedback to build confidence in communicating in most challenging situations.

Mentoring in a Coaching Style

An interactive one-day course for anyone within a formal Mentoring role or with the responsibilities to ‘buddy’ a new or existing individual. The course raises awareness and understanding of what coaching and mentoring is and how to get the most from your mentoring sessions using an empowering style which enables the mentee to take responsibility for their mentee role.

Team Coaching Skills

A two-day participative workshop aimed at anyone who facilitates teams or group sessions. You will learn practical tools and techniques to help guide your team or group to a successful outcome and action plan in a structured, clear and dynamic way using incisive questions and within a structured framework.  Practical sessions will take place throughout the day to help embed learning and demonstrate various team coaching techniques. Day 2 will offer you the opportunity to put these skills into practice and gain feedback from your tutor and course delegates.

Respect At Work – Emotional Intelligence in Practice

This one-day intensive and interactive course aims to maximise your effectiveness and impact at work and will focus on the concepts and principles of emotional intelligence with emphasis on practical application to improve your management techniques. Working within the Emotional Intelligence Framework delegates will learn how to use Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘nonviolent communication’ techniques to help foster respect at work to build trust and develop non-judgemental communication and feedback techniques.

Introduction to Action Learning in Practice

A one day practical workshop aimed at senior and middle managers to develop an understanding of Action Learning and how this facilitated group coaching and mentoring intervention can be used in a powerful and practical way to develop individuals and teams, move problems to a solution and deal with challenging issues at work. You will learn the fundamental rules of Action Learning, how to facilitate Action Learning Groups and you will identify ways of using Action Learning at work for self, team and organisational benefits.

Talk to us about the Advanced Action Learning in Practice course aimed at embedding the skills further through purposeful practice sessions.

Train The Trainer

A two-day participative workshop aimed at anyone responsible for delivering training courses to groups. This course will give you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to design interactive, participative and engaging training courses to groups. Day 1 will focus you as a trainer, promoting learner participation and training styles and approaches. Day 2 will give you the chance to practice a 20-minute training exercise with valuable feedback from the course participants and tutor.